I haven’t been posting lately as you know. I’ve been thinking and sulking about life and everything. I am going to be giving that up. I permantley deleted my facebook. Not my personal one, a roleplaying one. I won’t be able to recover it when 2 weeks are up. I’m excited for that. Like a big weight lifted off my shoulders. I’m never making a new one. A horrible horrible mistake where nothing good came out of it.

  I started writing letters to my future husband to give me hope. It works. It’s mainly a christain thing. I am Roman Catholic and I am not very religious. I am doing it because I thought it would be a great thing to do for my own soul. 

  What do you think about the letters? Should I post them on here or tumblr? Or would that be a bad idea?

Let’s be honest…

Let’s be honest here. I have failed to update on my said days. (apologies) I really have no clue what to write about. And my boyfriend can’t talk to me today. I am not in a good mood considering the above. 

I think the days I do write – whenever those days come- I will do a non-fiction writing prompt because the best idea I can come up with is about stereotypes (see last entry). You will see an actual peice of writing sometime this week. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die. 

So, I’ll be seein ya. 

❤ Selena (nekomura_2214@hotmail.com)

True Canadian stereotypes

You’ve all heard the stereotypes. It’s cold, we all say ‘eh’, we all live in igloos, everyone loves hockey, we put maple syrup on everything, we ride polar bears to school, we’re all very polite, and of course, we drink all the time! I’ll be honest, some of them ARE true.

It can get freezing here. And I do mean FREEZING! But then when the summer comes, it gets just as hot as a place like Florida. Yes it snows, it freezes, but we do have summer, fall, and spring.

This is the obvious one that everyone knows is true. ‘Eh’ is a word mostly EVERYONE uses. It really is! I don’t know why, but it’s a very important word in our vocabulary and sentences. I’m not sure why, it just is. That one is a little harder to explain.

We live in houses. Not Igloos, houses. We do have other seasons besides winter like I have mentioned above. If you seriously thought we lived in igloos, what the hell?

Lot’s of people LOVE hockey. It’s there life, they watch every hockey game they can find. Not everyone likes hockey though. I’m one of the non-lovers. I don’t understand the people who love it, honestly. Well, I just hate sports.

Maple syrup is delicious! Oh my goodness! Best thing ever! We put it on pancakes and waffles. Normal things. Then there are people like me. I put maple syrup on eggs and sausages. So that stereotype is halfway true. I want syrup..

Do we ride polar bears to school? Seriously? Do Americans ride obese people to school?

Not everyone is polite, but most people are so nice here! Not much to say about that one. (Apologies)

I don’t drink but I know tons of people who do. I’m answering this final one, a yes. We love our Molson Canadian.

❤ Selena

Post 1 ~ Nice to meet you, I’m Selena

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I’m going to be honest, I have no idea what I should be writing, what people want to see, or if this is even a good idea. All I know is I want to do this! And that should be enough. Right? I’m no comedian, I’m not funny. I’m weird, different, and annoying. So this may be an awesome blog! Or this could be so annoying. Just a warning to anyone reading this.
Let me tell you about myself. I am a teenage girl (no age specifics), I live in Canada and I am super girly. I like books, sad movies, and of course! Sad books! (Gimme recommendations!) I love wedding and babies. Yes, I’m THAT girl. Something not very interesting (like ma blog!), my name is Selena. Woot woot! My favorite shows are Glee, Criminal Minds, Degrassi, and Secret Life of an American Teenager. Predictable shows? I know.. I know.. such a girl! 😀 Oh well, I love it!!
If you are interested, my blogging schedule is going to be on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. So if you follow my blog, expect an e-mail on those days.
My e-mail is nekomura_2214@hotmail.com. I accept everyone!

❤ Selena (6:54 pm)